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60 shore ends.

60 successful projects.

Since our start up in 2012 we have been involved in 30 subsea cable projects which equals 60 shore ends. This has involved the charter and supply of guard/work boats, marine and fisheries liaison, route planning and claims handling. We offer the following services and work closely with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.

Consultancy Services

Personnel Services

Consultancy Services

Marine Installation Project Consultancy

We provide bespoke consultation and advice for each new project. We rely on extensive historical and regional experience, and are informed by all available current data. We remain attuned to trends in maritime activities and marine users.

Marine and Fisheries Mitigation Planning

Maintaining positive relationships between stakeholders and regional fisheries groups is crucial. In fact, it can be the most beneficial and proactive approach in mitigating conflicts or disruptions that may arise when intended uses of a given area overlap.

Stakeholder Consultation

We ensure that our asset management efforts begin well before a project starts. Our commitment is sustained throughout that asset’s lifetime. By building positive stakeholder relationships, cultivated for longevity, we enjoy clear and timely communication throughout a project’s development, enabling us to provide rapid and effective solutions as required.

Fishing Activity Study

We carry out in-depth analysis of historical and current fisheries trends in order to tailor all planning specifically to each project.

Vessel Charter

Over the years, our clients have also relied on us to charter and manage guard vessels for their projects. We provide daily reporting, as well as onshore and offshore monitoring of their subsea assets.

Personnel Services

Fisheries/Marine Liaison Officers

FLOs are made available for all project requirements both offshore and onshore. Our FLOs take pride in maintaining positive working relationships with all marine users. This ensures that communication and project implementation and logistics flow smoothly.

Marine Mammal Observers and Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Our on-site observers are responsible for implementing relative government guidelines designed to protect marine mammals and mitigate potential impact on them. Observers are used in a variety of operations, including seismic surveys, construction and maintenance works, seabed mapping, exploratory surveys and decommissioning work. Observers monitor the site visually for indications of the presence of marine mammals. Our observers are also trained in the use of Passive Acoustic Monitoring technology. This enhances their ability to identify and locate marine mammals in any area and complements the traditional observation methods.

Client Representatives

We provide a client representative onboard our installation and maintenance vessels. They report to the client daily with updates on specific operations and overall project progress.

24-7 Monitoring Package

We provide a complete 24/7 monitoring package for our clients’ subsea assets. This enables early detection of high-risk vessels and allows for long-term analysis of various cable risk factors.